Clean Energy And Cost Savings

Clean Energy And Cost Savings

Clean Energy And Cost Savings

27 January 2023
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Upon seeking an energy audit and improving the efficiency of your home, you may be ready to sign a contract with a solar panel installer. A photovoltaic system is one that produces clean energy. The installation of your system will require a visit from a licensed engineer. Afterwards, you can seek budget-friendly solar panel products and cost breaks that are affiliated with the installation process. 

An Audit And Efficiency Upgrades

An energy audit will provide you with insight into how much energy you have been wasting and the overall cost of your energy bill, in comparison to average bills that are reflective of residential energy usage in your area. An auditor may take note of the windows, insulation, and other materials that comprise the envelope of your home.

If any of these materials are not as efficient as they could be, the auditor may recommend that you perform some efficiency upgrades. The use of a solar energy system will typically cost less than the cost associated with the use of electrical power. The upgrades may drive down energy costs even further.

The Contract And The Installation

Once you have decided to go solar, you will need to find a solar panel installer that you would like to contract with. Many solar panel installers require that a consumer signs a contract. They also require that a structural engineer assesses a home. The engineer's job is to ensure that a roofing system is structurally sound and that all of the items that are going to be operated through the use of a solar-powered system are set up properly.

Once the engineer has inspected and approved your home for the installation process, you will need to shop around for solar panel products that are suited for the roofing style and size that your home possesses. The installer may also conduct this step if they furnish all of the materials essential for the installation. The solar-powered system will eliminate or offset electrical costs.

Your installation technician will explain how the new system will work. There are many federal- and state-level programs that aid with reducing the installation costs for a solar-powered system. Often, a property owner will receive a credit for the installation. If you qualify for a credit, you may be required to pay the installation fees upfront. The credit can be submitted through your federal tax return or your state tax return.

Reach out to a residential solar panel installation contractor to learn more.

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