2 Questions To Ask When Installing Turnkey EV Charging Stations For Your Business

2 Questions To Ask When Installing Turnkey EV Charging Stations For Your Business

2 Questions To Ask When Installing Turnkey EV Charging Stations For Your Business

9 November 2022
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While brainstorming ways to help your business contribute to sustainability, you may have decided that your business will transition from using gas-powered trucks to electric vehicles (EVs). As a part of this undertaking, you will need to have stations installed on-site so that your employees can conveniently charge them.  

Before installation of the stations can begin, you need to gather information and plan out what your business will need. Below are a couple of questions to help you get started making plans for installing a turnkey EV charging station network for your business. 

1. Does Your Business Have Enough Power Currently to Supply the Charging Stations?

One question you should ask has to do with your business's current energy supply. Does your company's infrastructure have the capacity to generate enough energy to meet the supply demands of the charging stations? Or, will you need to come up with an alternate solution before installation begins?

If you do not have enough power to supply the stations, the installer can help you come up with ways to meet the demand while still helping you to reach your sustainability goals. For example, they may suggest installing dedicated solar-powered generators meant solely for powering the charging stations.

2. What Voltage and How Many Stations Should Your Company Install on Its Property?

Another question you should ask has to do with the charging stations themselves. How many individual stations will you need, and how much voltage will each one require?

When deciding how many you will need, decide whether you need one for each of your company's vehicles. You may also want to add stations that give access to EV charging stations for your employees' personal vehicles as well as for customers who wish to use them.

As far as how much voltage you will require, consider how each station will be used. For company vehicles, you may opt for slow-charging stations that allow for charging your company vehicles overnight. However, for customers, you may want to opt for rapid chargers. 

If you have decided to take a step toward making your business more sustainable by installing charging stations, you will need to make sure that your current infrastructure will meet its demands so that you can plan on alternative power sources. You also need to figure out how many stations you will need as well as the required voltage for each. To help you answer these questions and make plans for the installation, contact a company that offers turnkey EV charging stations for businesses in your area. 

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