3 Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your Solar Powered Home

3 Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your Solar Powered Home

3 Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your Solar Powered Home

13 January 2022
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If you have installed solar panels on your home, you will want to ensure that you are also using energy inside of your home in an effective manner. You will want to ensure that you are limiting your energy usage so that you are getting all the energy usage from your solar panels and not having upon electricity from the electricity.  

Trick #1: Switch to LED Lights 

First, you will want to switch the type of light bulbs that you use throughout your home. Your light bulbs are one of the biggest and most consistent electricity-consuming items in your household, so changing the type of light bulbs that you use is a great way to save energy. LED light bulbs use less energy than traditional old-school light bulbs, and it is much more affordable nowadays to purchase LED light bulbs.  

Additionally, LED light bulbs do not release the same amount of heat that older, traditional light bulbs do. So, you don't have to worry about offsetting the heat from your lights when you switch to LED lights. 

Trick #2: Use High-Consumption Appliances During the Day 

During the day, your house is actively producing solar energy, which is why you should run your highest energy demanding devices during the day, when you are actively creating energy, and not in the evening, when you are either depending on the electrical grid or depending on the energy stored in your solar batteries.  

For example, you will want to run your dishwasher during the day. You should also run appliances such as your washer and dryer during the day. Stick to using appliances that consume a lot of energy during the day.  

Trick #3: Use Stationary Lithium Batteries 

Your home's solar panels are going to produce the biggest amount of energy during the day; they are not going to be producing energy at night when the sun is not out. If you want to reduce your reliance on the electrical grid, you will want to invest in stationary lithium batteries. The batteries can be used to store excess energy that your home's solar panels generate during the day so that in the evening, you can pull energy from your batteries instead of from the electrical grid.  

Stationary lithium batteries can allow you to power your home more from solar energy than from the electrical grid.  

You don't want your home's energy load to exceed the amount of energy you can generate with the solar panels on your home. 

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