Setup Tips For Residential Solar Panels

Setup Tips For Residential Solar Panels

Setup Tips For Residential Solar Panels

23 August 2021
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There are a couple of key stages homeowners should be aware of when investing in solar panels, with installation being one of the most important. If you want to ensure this stage goes smoothly and lets you enjoy an energy-efficient home for a long time to come, read up on these setup tips.

Choose an Optimal Number of Panels

For your solar panel investment to be worth it, you need to know how many panels to order so that your home's energy consumption is supported perfectly every month. Then you'll truly have a self-sufficient home from an energy standpoint.

The number of panels you should go with depends on your energy use, and you can properly assess this figure by hiring a solar panel expert. Let them conduct an official assessment to figure out what the right number of panels is. Then you can ensure this installation is worth the costs. 

Get the Appropriate Building and Electrical Permits

In order to legally complete solar panel installation, you'll have to get the appropriate permits. That includes both building and electrical permits. Getting them will satisfy local building regulations, so you won't face penalties later on. 

Since these permits do vary from state to state, you're better off letting a solar panel installation company gather them. In addition to getting the right types, they'll fill out the paperwork correctly to ensure there aren't any legal issues. 

Make Sure Your Roof Is Durable Enough First

Once you've found the appropriate location for your solar panels, you need to make absolutely sure that your roof can support them. If you are installing multiple panels, that's a decent amount of weight that your roof will now have to support.

You'll have more assurance if you hire a roofing contractor to assess your current roof's materials and structural systems to guide you down the right paths. If they don't think the roof will hold up to the panels' weight, they can show you what improvements are needed. Make sure you do what's requested in order to ensure that the panels don't severely damage your roof after they have been installed. 

Solar panels vary in size and features, but they're all designed to save homeowners money on energy. A proper installation is required to enjoy these benefits long-term, which you can successfully complete by being diligent about what to buy and what setup measures can keep you out of trouble. Contact a company that offers solar panel installation services to learn more.

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