Installing Solar Systems Complete With Energy Storage For Your Home

Installing Solar Systems Complete With Energy Storage For Your Home

Installing Solar Systems Complete With Energy Storage For Your Home

9 June 2021
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If you are considering installing solar panels on your roof, the system won't be complete without energy storage. There are many different types of panels, battery banks, and controllers to install with your system. The following solar system solutions will give your home a complete system with energy storage included:

Solar Panel Options

Solar panels are going the first thing to consider for your system. You may want to consider options like roof tile systems, which are a more attractive option for homes. There are also conventional monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels that can be installed with adjustable racks. The adjustable racks with conventional panels are ideal for areas with less direct sunlight.

Converters for AC Current

You will also need to have converters installed with your new solar energy system. These are what convert the energy from the panels to the AC current used by household electrical systems. There are several solutions to consider to convert the DC current to AC. You may want to consider inverters that are connected to the panels and improve the reliability of your system. There are also options for central converters that are connected to the battery bank and energy storage system.

Energy Storage Systems

The solar panels you have installed are also going to need energy storage. Modern battery technology gives you a lot of options for energy storage solutions. The most reliable and longest-lasting batteries are lithium-ion ones, which are also ideal for modular energy storage systems. There are also more affordable options that you may want to consider for your energy storage systems, such as gel and lead-acid batteries. These lithium-ion alternatives are great if you are designing your energy system on a budget.

Switches for Household Wiring

The last step in your solar energy system design is to connect it to the electrical wiring in your home. Therefore, the system is going to need to have switches installed to connect the battery bank to your household electrical systems. These switches can have modern features like digital displays with metering features to monitor the performance of your systems. The switches can also allow your system to connect to the grid when you need more power for the needs of your home.

The solar system you have installed will give you the power you need to power your home. Contact a solar service to discuss these options to design a complete system with energy storage for your home.

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