Going Beyond Solar Panels With The Right Energy Design To Power Your Home

Going Beyond Solar Panels With The Right Energy Design To Power Your Home

Going Beyond Solar Panels With The Right Energy Design To Power Your Home

6 January 2021
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The solar system installation for your home can be more than just an array of panels. Today, different options for energy systems can be a great way to provide the power your home needs. This can be done with a variety of different technologies to produce electricity and thermal energy. The following residential energy system design solutions will help you go beyond solar panels to power your home:

Start with the Solar Panel Installation Design

When you are planning on adding renewable energy systems to your home, the panels are the most important step in the process. Today, panels can be made of a variety of different materials, but you want to maximize your home's energy production. Therefore, you will probably want to use monocrystalline panels for your energy system. There are also options for roof tile systems and more efficient technology, but these can cost more. Therefore, you will want to talk to the installer about the right panels for your home's energy needs and the budget you have.

Create Energy Storage and Supplement Panels with Turbines

After you have decided on the type of panels you want to have installed, you will also want to design an energy storage system. Some of the elements that should be included in your home's energy storage system include:

  • Battery banks with a capacity to power your home
  • Multiple converters that make solar panels more reliable
  • Controllers that monitor the performance of energy systems

A good energy storage system will help ensure your solar installation and other systems produce enough power for your home.

Add a Solar Water Heater Solution to Improve Energy Production

The solar panels alone will not be enough to power your home. Therefore, you will need to invest in other energy technology for the design of these systems. Today, solar water heater systems are great solutions to provide your home with thermal energy. A variety of mechanical systems can use them in your home, such as hot water for plumbing and thermal energy for heating. The solar collectors can be integrated into radiant heating and hydro-air HVAC systems.

Add Passive Energy Improvements That Make Your Home Efficient

In addition to solar water heaters, there are also options for passive energy solutions. These solutions can be passive architectural designs, such as high clerestory windows that provide ventilation in summer and direct sunlight for heating in winter. You can also invest in other simple home improvements like insulation and sealing air leaks that cause energy loss. These improvements will help give you more from your investment in solar systems and renewable energy.

These things will help you go beyond solar panels to power your home with energy-efficient technology. Contact a solar company and talk to them about these energy system solutions to power your home.

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