LED High Bay Lighting

LED High Bay Lighting

LED High Bay Lighting

17 September 2020
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High bay lights are made specifically for buildings with tall ceilings—think 20 feet high at minimum, and many commercial or industrial buildings have ceilings much higher. There are different types and sizes of high bay lights, but to get the most efficient lighting source, LED is the way to go.  An LED high bay light, regardless of its size, is going to efficiently and effectively put out the type of light needed for the large space.

What Are High Bay Lights

High bay lights are often used in a variety of warehouse-type buildings, regardless of what the building is used for.  It could be a warehouse-type store, a gym, or in more industrial aspects, large garages, hangars, and factories.  When trying to light such a large space, there's a lot to take into consideration.

Powerful lighting is a must—but what about energy costs?  To achieve both powerful lighting and cost-effective lighting, utilizing LED high bay lights are going to be your best bet. LED high bay lights don't emit heat—meaning that it will cost less to cool the space they are being used in.  They also last longer and are more energy-efficient than CFL or fluorescent lights. 

This means fewer labor costs to have the bulbs changed since they won't need to be changed as often.  Since they are more energy-efficient, there will also be less electricity use, thus less energy cost in that regard.

Why Choose High Bay Lights

LED high bay lights are also more durable, and give more even lighting—they don't need to warm-up to emit the desired amount of lighting, and they will stand up to more adverse conditions than the more traditional lighting options.

The fixtures themselves come in different shapes and sizes.  Whether you opt to go with a circular fixture or a rectangular one, you can choose to have them flush to the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling.  There are also different wattage strengths for the lights to consider as well—this is all based on personal preference and what the space is being used for.

In regards to the installation of the lights, a licensed electrician will be able to safely get the lights installed at ceiling height and run the electrical needed for them to operate efficiently.

When in the market for high bay lighting options for your industrial or commercial space, choosing LED high bay lights will be the most cost-effective and efficient lighting option you will find.

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