Three Ways In Which Paralleling Switchgear Can Save You Money

Three Ways In Which Paralleling Switchgear Can Save You Money

Three Ways In Which Paralleling Switchgear Can Save You Money

13 December 2017
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Paralleling switchgear helps move your industrial generators over to the local electrical supply and back again. Your plant really cannot do without them, and your switchgear should be checked often for repairs. In addition to maintaining your switchgear, here are three ways in which paralleling switchgear can save your factory money.

It Keeps Production Lines Going

When your local power source is out, you cannot operate a lot of the machines in the factory. That is money lost because your factory is not running at full speed as it should. Less products means less money. When you have switchgear, your switchgear automatically turns on your generators, and business continues as usual. Products are made, and profits continue.

It Conserves Energy

When local power comes back, the switchgear shuts off the generators and automatically converts back to local power. This conserves energy, which is a drain on your bottom line in the form of operational costs. Generators require a lot of energy to operate. This is why they should only be used when the local power is out, or your factory's power demands exceed local power supply. By conserving energy, you save money.

It Protects Your Plant's Electrical Boxes and Generators from Surges

Finally, paralleling switchgear protects your factory's electrical boxes, production equipment and machines, and its generators from surges in power. Surges in power can blow fuses, cause electrical wiring to spark, and even cause issues with the generators. Malfunctions and broken electrical equipment may result from power surges. Excess power flow when the local power is restored can wreak havoc as well. The switchgear senses what is happening before you even know it, and stops the generators to slow the surge.

This action by the switchgear saves the fuse boxes, the power lines, the generators, and your equipment. That is a major reduction in repair costs, which could have been in the hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the damage. All of that happens because you have paid a few hundred dollars to install switchgear.

Talk to an Electrician

It is unheard of that anyone would be trying to operate a factory without switchgear, since it is a common-sense thing. However, if your factory does not currently have switchgear, or your switchgear is not functioning as it should, call an electrician. He or she can install new switchgear in your plant to resolve your issues.

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